Pitt Lake

May 19, 2015

It’s been over a month since this trip, but I can recall it very clearly. Josh and I were the first people into Tim Horton’s that morning. We stumbled in at 4:30 and walked out a few minutes later with our double doubles. The sky was already starting to brighten and we had a long drive to Pitt Lake for sunrise. After about an hour Josh took a turn onto a dirt road. As we drove a gentle fog started rolling in over the fields. Eventually we pulled over, set down our coffees and got out of the car. With a soft light glowing from the east, and the blue-green hills towering over us, peeking out of the mist, I snapped my first shot.
We got to the lake a few minutes before the sun rose. There was haze hanging in the sky that turned the sunrise into giant spotlights on the water. When the sun finally made it over the peak Josh and I ran into the shadow of the mountain so we could watch the sun rise again.
We decided to rent a canoe for the day. Josh had found a trailhead to a waterfall that was accessible by boat. So we packed up our gear, grabbed our paddles and started what we thought would be a six kilometre ride to Wigeon Falls. It was so peaceful crossing the lake and drifting into the creek. The water was crystal clear. Josh used his phone to play some of soft country music. I was just blown away by all the beauty. I kept wandering what it would have felt like to discover a place like that. To be the first person to see it and to feel it.
After making a wrong turn that cost us about two hours and a gruelling hike up from the trailhead we arrived at Widgeon falls. We made some tea and ate our lunch above the cool pools.
The ride back was my favourite part. We paddled over huge schools of fish, darting to and fro in the blue water. The sun had finally made it to the other side of the valley, casting massive shadows through that sweet smelling summer haze. A perfect end to a perfect day.